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Market Outlook - May 10, 2012

Spring / Summer Crop Timeline

summer-beansWe have recently spoken with our local growers in order to establish a harvest timeline for their seasonal crops.  These growers can usually supply us with enough product, during peak season, for all of our customers and we will always use them first.  Supply and demand will determine when we need to supplement these crops with crops from larger growers.  Some crops, such as California corn, have already started and we will be offering these crops until the local harvest starts.

Castaneda Brothers-(Solano County) - Summer Squash-Zucchini, Crookneck, Sunburst, Grey, Gold Bar and Ronde de Nice-will begin the first week of June.  Peppers-Jalapeno. Pascilla, Anaheim, Serrano-and Tomatillos in mid July.

Dwelley Farms-(Contra Costa County) -Summer beans-Blue Lake, Yellow Wax and Romano- will start at the end of May, followed by Baby French Beans in early June and Cranberry Beans the first of July.  White and Yellow Corn will start in mid June.  Dwelley will also have Pluots and Ollalieberries the first of June.

cucumbersDel Rio Botanicals-(Yolo County) - Organic Mixed Cherry Tomatoes will start at the end of June followed  Heirloom Tomatoes the first of July, then Mixed Cucumbers and Eggplants in mid July.

Ray Yeung Farm-(Yolo County) -Vine ripe tomatoes, Early Girl and Shady Lady, will start the first week of July, followed by Heirloom Tomatoes in the second week.

Twin Peaks-(Placer County) - Stone fruit-Peaches and Nectarines will start in mid June, followed by Plums at the end of the month.

Driver Family Farms-(Stanislaus County) - New this year, this farm will supply us with Apricots in mid June.  Called CandyCots, these heirloom apricots could be this summer's produce blockbuster.

watermelon-buttercup-yellowVierra Farms-(Yolo County) - Dave Vierra will offer two types of Watermelon-Buttercup-yellow flesh- and Black Imagination-red flesh- in the middle of July.

Bridgeway Farm-(Yolo County) - Owned by Rich Collins, founder of California Vegetable Specialties, home to Belgian Endive, has a small farm near Dixon and will offer local Blackberries the first week of June.