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Market Outlook - May 17, 2012

Local Baby Lettuces

mixed-baby-lettuce-2In our continued effort to support local farms, this week we are offering Mixed Baby Lettuces from Vierra Farms in West Sacramento. Dave Vierra farms 800 acres of seasonal, conventional and heirloom produce as well as commercial crops of hay and rye. Vierra Farm is also home to Dave's Pumpkin Patch, one of Sacramento's favorite fall attractions.

Vierra Farm

The Vierra family has been farming in the Sacramento area since 1938. They currently grow a variety of seasonal crops and grains on over 800 acres of farmland in West Sacramento and Clarksburg. Dave Vierra grows tomatoes, corn, stone fruit, heirloom watermelons, broccoli, summer and winter squash, pumpkins, and four varieties of Baby Lettuces, on a 100 acre parcel 'across the street' from the Sacramento River in Yolo County We are offering Vierra Farms Mixed Baby Lettuces packed 24 heads per case; The four varieties are as follows:

Baby Red Oak-A butterhead variety with lobed, loosely serrated, Burgundy stained leaves. Red Oak has a subtle, sweet, nutty flavor and buttery texture.

Speckled Romaine-Crisp, pale-green leaves speckled with red. The leaves are thinner and softer than other romaine and are delicately flavored and juicy.

Rubicon Lettuce-Young, crisp savoyed leaf with a tight, dark green interior.

Red Tide Lettuce-Delicate loosleaf variety with tender, green serrated leaves and brick-red highlights. Tender and refreshing

New Crop Potatoes From Full Belly Farm

potatoesFull Belly Farm has used organic practices since 1985 and is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers. The farm produces an amazing diversity of vegetables, herbs, nuts, flowers, and fruits year-round. This week they begin harvesting their new-crop potatoes. New-Crop potatoes are young potatoes with thin, slip-skins, and tender flesh. We are offering four varieties of fresh-dug, C size creamer potatoes from Full Belly Farm. 25#/$57.75

The varieties are as follows:

  • Bintje (pronounced "Ben-Jee")-Yellow flesh and smooth, silk-like skin with a unique, light nutty flavor. Neither starchy nor waxy, an exceptional potato for frying or mashed.
  • Desiree-Waxy rose skin and creamy yellow flesh. The texture is firm and it holds its shape through cooking. An excellent all-around potato for roasting, boiling or mashed.
  • German Butterball-A russet-type heirloom variety with a rich, golden flakey flesh and sweet, buttery flavor. Truly an all-purpose potato and an undisputed favorite.
  • Yellow Finn-Known for their yellow flesh, creamy texture and sweet flavor, Yellow Finn potatoes have the ideal balance of sugar and starch to make excellent mashed potatoes, gratins, gnocchi and salads.