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Market Outlook - May 24, 2012

Local White Peaches

Early season Springrose White Peaches from Twin Peaks Orchards. Twin Peaks hand picks their tree ripened stone fruit daily and we are particularly pleased with the care of handling and packaging of these premium white peaches that the farm employs.

Twin Peaks Orchards

nectarinesThis week we are receiving our first order of seasonal stone fruit from Twin Peaks Orchards. Located in Newcastle, CA. the fifth generation family farm will be supplying us with high quality peaches, nectarines and plums throughout the coming months. Twin Peaks was established in 1912 and has been family owned and operated for 100 years. Since its inception, family members have lived, worked and played on the farm. Their continual presence on the farms allows them to monitor the progress and growth of the fruit trees in the orchards.

They follow the principles of sustainable agriculture, using beneficial insects to control pests and organic fertilizers to promote healthy tree growth. The challenge for stone fruit-peaches, in particular-is proper ripening. Fruit that is picked too early has not reached the necessary sugar content to ripen properly. If too ripe, the fruit may be unusable for our restaurant customers. The goal at Twin Peaks is to pick tree ripened fruit that will reach a maximum degree of ripeness within 2-3 days after harvest. Often, first of the season crop is on the small side and are characterized by firm flesh and sweet flavor. The season runs through early September with peak season being mid-July. Available by the case or pound. Enjoy the harvest.

Del Rio Arugula

arugula-2This week we begin our Del Rio 'Product Of The Week' program offering a discounted price on one of the numerous organic crops available from this local farm. Arugula, also known as rocket, roquette and rucola, is a close relative of the radish and has crisp, slender multilobed leaves that resemble elongated oak leaves and has a pronounced flavor most often described as 'peppery'. Del Rio Arugula is harvested early each morning and delivered to Produce Express five days a week. This week we offer this outstanding product at $10.75/4# box.