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Market Outlook - May 31, 2012

Frog Hollow Farm Apricots

frog-hollow-farmEvery now and then you run across something special or unique-a great bottle of Pinot Noir or an excellent restaurant in a back alley in a small town in Spain or maybe a smart phone culinary app that speeds you on your way to becoming an acclaimed chef.  For Produce Express that something special would be an heirloom vegetable or an outstanding piece of fruit and this week we offer that piece of fruit-Organic Apricots from Frog Hollow Farm.  Located in Brentwood, the organic fruit from Frog Hollow is an established staple in many Bay Area restaurants and the farmer in chief, Al Courchesne, is a fixture at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. 

apricotsUntil now, the legendary array of seasonal fruit from this farm has been unavailable in our area and we are pleased to begin distribution. The season for apricots is short and the fruit is tree-ripened with bright color, intense aroma and sweet flavor.  Frog Hollow, certified organic since 1989 and only about an hour away from Sacramento, grows up to a dozen varieties of apricots that ripen in succession-the fruit is picked when ripe and quickly transported to restaurant and market customers and will usually last 3-4 days when refrigerated at first, then left out to soften overnight.  The varieties may differ in size and color but the outstanding flavor of each variety will always be prominent.  Rather than go on about these varieties it is best to let the fruit speak for itself-Enjoy the harvest.

Del Rio Mizuna

mizuna-2We continue with our Del Rio 'Product Of The Week', a featured item, in peak season, from our local organic farm in West Sacramento. This week we are featuring Mizuna. This Brassica, related to the mustard family, has serrated, dark green leaves with a narrow white stalk and can be described as having a piquant, mildly peppery and slightly spicy flavor, but subdued compared to arugula. Mizuna can be used raw in salads and pairs well with sweet, local stonefruit like cherries, peaches and apricots.  Their feathery leaves make an attractive garnish and is also great in stir-fries, soups and as a vegetable component.  We are offering this beautiful product at a discounted price of $14.75/4lb box.