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Market Outlook - June 21, 2012

Castaneda Bros. Produce

castanedaSince 1978, Silverio Castaneda and his family have been farming all over northern California. They've most recently been farming in Green Valley, and now in the rich agricultural lands of Suisun Valley, as Castaneda Brothers Produce. They farm about 200 acres of land, and offer U-Pick and farm stand produce.

Summer Squash

This week we are bringing in first of the season varietal summer squashes from Castaneda Bros. Produce. The farm is located in Suisun Valley, a few miles past Fairfield in Solano County. The family has been farming in the area since 1978 and has an established U-Pick farm as well as wholesale customers. They grow over a dozen varieties of summer squash as well as bell peppers, chili peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos and melons. Summer squashes vary in color, size and shape-all have tender flesh and skin, mild, buttery flavor and high moisture content. Summer squash should be bright with color and heavy for their size. Avoid oversized squashes-when left too long on the vine they become both watery and seedy. In addition to fancy and extra fancy Italian squash (zucchini), Castaneda will be supplying us with the following varieties throughout late spring and through the summer months. Gold Bar-Similar in shape to zucchini, bright yellow skin and white flesh (stores better at 65 degrees, not refrigerated). Fewer internal seeds results in a sturdy squash perfect for saute' or grilling. Sunburst/Summer-Bright yellow (sunburst) and light green (summer) squash also known as patty pan squashes. Round and scalloped with crimped pie-like edges. Ronde de Nice-Dark green, pale green and yellow varieties available, round in shape-often called 'eight ball' squash. Grey-Also known as Mexican squash. Grey-green in color, shorter and more rounded than zucchini with sweeter flavor.

California Olive Ranch

olive-oilProduce Express is the local distributor for Extra Virgin Olive Oils from California Olive Ranch. Located in Oroville, Ca. COR is the largest grower and processor of fresh, high quality extra virgin olive oil in California. COR produces only estate grown olive oils-the final product must be grown, harvested and processed on the same site. We carry several varieties of COR olive oils, all packaged in a 2.5 gallon 'bag in a box' protecting the oil from both sunlight and heat, either of which can quickly turn a good olive oil into a rancid one. We have discussed these oils before and do so again because the popular Arbosana olive oil is available again and because its summertime and summer means salads and salads need a good olive oil. The following oils are in stock:

COR Blend-80% Arbequina, 10% Arbosana, 10% Koroneiki. Our most popular olive oil-a blend that produces fruity oil with a buttery finish. Great for vinaigrettes and aioli. 2.5 gallons.

Arbosano-Single variety olive oil with strong fruit flavor and peppery finish. 2.5 gallons.

Arbequina-Pungent peppery finish, flavor of green almonds. Use for pesto. 2.5 gallons.