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Market Outlook - June 28, 2012

candycot-logoFarmer John Driver has searched the globe far and wide to bring back seed from exotic and delicious apricot varieties. By breeding with seed from the very best apricots in the world, he has created a new class of apricots. Called CandyCots, these apricots taste the way apricots are meant to taste. They are true apricots, not crosses with plums or peaches. The result is apricots that are sweet and intensely flavorful enough to be called CandyCots. 10# case

Driver Family Farm

Several weeks ago, we began distribution of what we were calling an 'outstanding piece of fruit'- Frog Hollow Apricots. The season for these apricots is rapidly winding down and we will be replacing these apricots this week with another type-CandyCots-an equally outstanding piece of fruit. The orchards are located just outside of Modesto, California and there is much history to these apricots, as the original seeds are heirloom varieties from Turkey. CandyCots taste very unique and incredibly sweet. There are several diverse apricot varieties, which make up CandyCot. Some CandyCot varieties are medium in size, some small. Some varieties are intensely orange inside, while others are white. What unites these apricots under the name CandyCot are their superb taste, complex flavors, and absurdly high level of natural sweetness. To offer the most delicious fruit they are known for, you may notice tan or brown "scuffing" on the surface of the fruit. This is not a bruise or decay. The very high sugar levels in CandyCots cause "sugar spots". Fruit that show sugar spots are the sweetest ones. We are certain that once you try them you will know why the growers call them "The Sweetest Thing on Earth". Enjoy the harvest.

Venezia Bakery

pastaA few months ago, we introduced a line of fresh, hand-made pasta from Venezia Bakery in Sacramento. We have received many positive comments about the quality, texture and affordable price. Venezia Bakery, uses quality ingredients like Caputo "00" Pasta Flour, fresh eggs, and all natural ingredients. We offer five cuts of fresh hand-cut pasta including Pappardelle, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, Tagliarini, and Angel Hair, in an assortment of flavors including Plain, Garlic, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Spinach, and Saffron. Pasta Sheets are also available, by the pound, in hotel-pan sizes. Fresh pasta delivery is Tuesday-Saturday (No Sunday-Monday), please order by 4pm for next day delivery.

  • Plain pasta sheets - $3.95lb
  • Flavored sheets - $4.50lb.
  • Plain hand-cut pasta - $3.95 (6/3oz portions, .65 per order)
  • Flavored hand-cut pasta - $4.50 6/3oz portions, .75 per order)