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Market Outlook - July 12, 2012

Summer Produce

The hot days of summer are the best time to use and enjoy cucumbers. Mild in flavor, cool, crisp and crunchy, cucumbers are an essential ingredient in summer salads, condiments, chilled soups and even sandwiches.

On The Menu

In an attempt to help you better prepare and plan for seasonal menu changes, we have created a list of produce items that represent the best local produce in season at the moment. 

The next piece of the puzzle will be Local Heirloom Tomatoes, which ‘Uncle Ray’ has just started to harvest. Look for many more varieties to come in the following days/weeks.

 Dwelley Farm

  • Beans-French, Blue Lake, Wax, Romano, Cranberry
  • Corn-White, Yellow, Bi-Color.

 Del Rio Botanicals

  • Cucumbers-Armenian, Persian, Pickling, Lemon, Mixed.
  • Squash-Teenage, Mixed Baby.
  • Tomatoes-Mixed Medley Cherry

 Castaneda Bros.

  • Cucumbers-White, Lemon
  • Squash-Italian, Yellow, Summer, Sunburst, Gold Bar, Ronde Nice (dark, light and yellow), Toy Box.

 Yeung Farm

Tomatoes-Assorted heirloom and vine ripe tomatoes

Local Seasonal Fruit

  • Black Mission Figs-Del Rio
  • Blackberries-Ridgeway Farm
  • Champagne Grapes
  • Mixed Melons-Casaba, Crenshaw, Galia, Juan Canary, Santa Claus, Sharlyn
  • Yellow Watermelon-Seedless-Vierra Farm
  • Black Watermelon-seedless-Vierra Farm
  • Peaches-White & Yellow Twin Peaks Orchards
  • Nectarines-White & Yellow JJ Ramos
  • Plums-Red-JJ Ramos
  • Apricots-JJ Ramos
  • Pluots-JJ Ramos