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Market Outlook - November 3, 2011

Fall Menu Redux

We started this week with Halloween and end with Daylight Savings Time and the last remaining summer crop, local tomatoes, finishes at the same time, so it is pretty safe to say that the change of season is complete. Forever anticipating seasonal change, we have been bringing in several new items for the past several weeks and we feel that it is appropriate to present them again for your consideration in this week? Market Outlook.

Locally Grown Grains - Wheat and corn flours grown, harvested and milled by Grass Valley Grains in Wheatland, Ca. White Corn Polenta, Sonora Wheat Flour (pastry flour) and Expresso Hard Red Wheat Flour (bread flour).


Lundberg Family Farms Varietal Rice - Located in Richvale, Ca. (Butte County), the Lundberg family has been growing and harvesting rice in this area since 1937 and offers a variety of organic and eco-farmed rice and rice products. We are currently stocking Organic White, Arborio, Black Japonica, Long Brown, Organic Sushi, Christmas and Wehani Rice. Package size and price varies.

Heirloom Dried Beans - An excellent selection of freshly dried beans from Mohr-Fry Ranch, located in Lodi, Ca. The beans comprise a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures and are useful in many cooking application from cassoulets, soups, stews and salads and serve as a nutritious component in a variety of ethnic cuisines. Varieties include Black Valentine, Christmas Lima, Green Blackeye, Flageolet, Hidatsu Red, Runner Cannellini, Snow Cap, Sunset Runner, Pigeon and Pebbles. Samples available. 5#-$14.75.

Dry-Farmed Potatoes - We first offered this interesting crop in the beginning of this year as they were finishing for the season and now offer the new crop of potatoes that will continue throughout the fall and early winter. From Little Organic Farm in Marin County, these organic potatoes are best served simply seasoned and baked or mashed with skin on for rich potato flavor. German Butterball, Yellow Finn, Mountain Rose, Russian Banana and French Fingerling. 25#-$55.75.

We feel that there is a theme in these crops-grains, rice, dried beans and potatoes-seasonal, nutritional food from local farms all within 100 miles of our Sacramento warehouse. Enjoy the harvest.

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