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Market Outlook - September 29, 2011

Larsen Apple Barn

We start the first week of fall with several varieties of apples from Larsen Apple Barn, one of the many growers located in the area known as Apple Hill, in Camino, El Dorado County. The Apple Hill Growers Association, of which Larsen Apple barn is a member, is comprised of more than 50 independently owned farms and ranches that offer a variety of locally grown mountain fruit. Though the main attraction is apples and apple products-pies, jams, jellies and cider-additional businesses in Apple Hill include Christmas tree farms, restaurants and wineries. Locals and tourists alike can easily spend a day touring the area and early in the week is a great time to go as weekend traffic quickly slows down the ride. Larsen Apple Barn is the oldest family owned and operated farm in the area. Larsen offers over a dozen varieties of apples during the season as well as local peaches, pears and grapes, along with fresh apple cider, honey and pumpkins. Apple Hill apples are seasonal, the harvest running from late summer until early December. The following varieties are available this week and other varieties will follow:

  • Golden Delicious-A classic variety, slightly sweet, crisp and juicy. The local favorite of baking as the natural sugar content adds great flavor to pies and applesauce. Slices hold shape well in tarts and compotes.
  • Gala-Red and yellow striped skin-firm flesh, sweet, juicy and aromatic. Delicious for eating out of hand and in salads. Makes great applesauce.
  • Jonathan-Red skin over yellow, slightly tart and juicy. Good for eating raw in salads and holds shape well when baking.
  • Apple Hill Apples-40# case-$23.75.

Fall Menu Items

We will be compiling a complete list of fall produce in the next few weeks and would like to remind our customers of two new items recently featured in our Market Outlook-dry farmed potatoes from Little Organic Farm and locally grown grains from Grass Valley Grains. We began carrying the potatoes earlier this year at the end of their season and now start with a new crop that will last until next January. The local grains are very new to us and we will offer them as long as they are available. Both crops are important to us as they are excellent examples of local farms offering unique crops to our restaurant customers.

Grass Valley Grains grows, harvests and mills three types of flour from whole grains:

  • Sonora Wheat Flour-Wheat flour with a nutty flavor for pastries, quick breads and flat breads. 10#-$15.00
  • Expresso Hard Red Wheat Flour-Premier bread wheat flour with high protein content and rich, yeasty aroma. 10#-$15.00.
  • White Corn Polenta-Ground from organic corn and used for polenta or Southern grits. 10#-$15.00.

Little Organic Farm is currently offering five varieties of new crop, dry farmed potatoes: German Butterball, Yellow Finn, Mountain Rose, Russian Banana Fingerling and French Fingerling-25#-$55.75.

New Arrivals

Pomegranates Quince

Crab Apples Mcintosh Apples

Jona Gold Apples Honey Crisp Apples

Gravenstein Apples Starfruit