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Market Outlook - October 13, 2011

Lundberg Family Farms Varietal Rice

This week we offer a full line of varietal rice from Lundberg Family Farms. Located in Richvale, Ca. (Butte County), the Lundberg family has been growing and harvesting rice in the area since 1937 and today offers a variety of organic and eco-farmed rice and rice products. The distinction between organic and eco-farm is minimal as all rice is grown according to sustainable agricultural practices. Organic rice varieties are grown, handled and processed in accordance with USDA National Organic standards, while eco-farmed varieties are grown with non-organic fertilizers and 'eco-friendly' pesticides and fungicides. We have been stocking Lundberg Arborio rice for several years and are pleased to offer the following varieties:

  • Eco-farmed White Arborio Rice-High starch, short grain rice used primarily for the classic presentation of Italian style risotto. 12/2# case-$45.75.
  • Eco-farmed Black Japonica Rice- A blend of short grain black and medium grain mahogany rice from Japanese seeds. Nutty, mushroom-like flavor with sweet spiciness.12-1# case-$27.75.
  • Eco-farm Wehani Rice-A brown rice with honey-red grains from Indian-Basmati type seeds. Separates ('fluffs') well when cooked. Aromatic, nutty flavor.12/1# case-$27.75.
  • Eco-farmed Christmas Rice-A distinctive whole grain red rice for festive occasions year round. 12/1# case-$27.75.
  • Eco-farmed Long Brown Rice-Natural whole grain brown rice with nothing but the husk removed-dry and fluffy when cooked. 12/2# case-$23.75.
  • Organic White Sushi Rice-Classic Japanese short grain rice grown especially for sushi rice, rolls, salads and other Asian dishes. 12/2# case-$38.75.
  • Organic White Rice-Everyday long grain white rice for stuffings, pilaf, salads, casseroles and stir-fry dishes. 12/2# case-$38.75.