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Market Outlook - January 5, 2012

The New Year


Recently, one of our restaurant chefs posed the question, "What's next for Produce Express." Now seems like a good time to answer the question as this is the time of year that so many of us make all kinds of predictions and resolutions. So, in 2012 we resolve to:

Increase communication

Increase communication-Currently, we use our office and sales staff, phones and fax machine and the weekly Market Outlook to inform our customers about our produce and pricing. With the recent addition of former chef Scott Rose to our sales team, we now have four fulltime salespeople - Mike Gonzales, Jim Mills, Suzy Marty and Scott-who are knowledgeable about all of our produce and specialty items and are available to meet and discuss specific issues with regard to an individual customer's produce needs as well as detailed pricing.

In addition, a major part of Scott's job description is to use computer based technology to convey all that is going on in our world and, to this effect, we are now part of Facebook nation (where you can 'like'us) and, more importantly, we will soon debut a new Produce Express website that will offer a tremendous amount of information including a produce encyclopedia as well as daily and weekly updates of all that is going on in the market.

'Buy Fresh, Buy Local'

Promote 'Buy Fresh, Buy Local'-This phrase is one of several used that refers to the idea that is an important part of what we have been doing at Produce Express for many years now-promote the use of local and seasonal produce, both organic and conventional. We have long standing relationships with many local farms-Rivedog, Del Rio, Yeung, Twin Peaks, Dwelley, Vierra, Castaneda, Stillwater Orchards, Larsen Apple Barn-and many more and look forward to their annual crops. We will soon be adding more local growers as the growing seasons commence (think mixed lettuces and apricots) and will use our new web-based concepts to keep you informed.

Once again, Happy New Year from all of us to all of you.