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asparagus update
february 8, 2019

The current supply of asparagus is arriving from Mexico. “New” fields are being harvested and quality has been very nice. Monday, February 11th, we will begin selling 28 pound cases. The market will be around $2.00 per pound when purchased by the case.

Due to heavy rains and wind, the California season will not start until early March. The first region to start will be Firebaugh, quickly followed by the Salinas Valley. We anticipate the Delta region to start in mid-March.

Please adjust your orders to reflect the new 28 pound pack size.

Del Rio Botanical, located on old River road between Sacramento and Woodland, is a privately owned 200-acre ranch producing open-pollinated organically grown seed and freshly packed specialty produce. All of Del Rio’s produce is harvested in the morning for same day delivery through Produce Express to over 50 restaurants in the region, including Mulvaney’s, Waterboy, Masullo, Grange and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. Their unique offerings include baby squashes with blossoms attached, Italian cucumbers, heirloom cherry tomatoes, lemon basil, Early Lady beans, calendula petals, chocolate mint, and 125 other specialty products grown on this organic farm. Del Rio offers farm tours and dining opportunities to help educate the community about the importance of organic farming. At every level of their operation, attention is paid to the sustainability of their farm. They use only multi-use boxes and permanent equipment. In addition, they provide year round employment for six agricultural workers.


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