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Cheddar (Smoked) - Fiscalini Cheese Co.

Cheddar (Smoked) - Fiscalini Cheese Co.


Fiscalini Traditional Cheddar is a delicact, flavored with all natural smoke made from a blend of apple, cherry, and hickory wood chips. They smoke the cheese in their onsite smokehouse and turn up the heat. This process adds a subtle smoky flavor and distinct caramel color to our hearty cheddar. This semi-hard cheese is made from pasteurized cow's milk and hand cut. 

Pack size: 5# 


Fiscalini Smoked Cheddar is wonderful for snacking, pair it with other smoky foods like sausage, or add it to a pasta dish. This cheese has smooth melting capabilities but it is also firm enough to grate. 


The Fiscalini’s immigrated from Switzerland in 1912 and settled on 160 acres in Modesto where they have farmed since. Four generations later their farm has grown to include 540 acres, a herd of 2800 dairy cows, and a farmstead cheese processing plant. Unlike the original Fiscalini land that supported a single-family home, today you will find the homes of 3 generations scattered across their property. All of their craftsman cheeses are made by hand using the milk from the cattle they raise.

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