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Crème Fraîche

Crème Fraîche


Lets make one thing crystal clear-Crème Fraîche is not Sour Cream, and they are not interchangeable. To compare it to sour cream is to compare Spam to foie gras. Kendall Farms Crème Fraîche is made from the cream of Holstein cows. The cream, which contains 40 percent butterfat, is pasteurized and then seeded with a starter culture, much the way yogurt or cheese is. It is the starter that creates the naturally sweet-nutty flavor and silky texture. Kendall Farms Crème Fraîche is all natural, contains no preservatives and is locally made. 32oz container.


Many of you that use crème fraîche are familiar with its role as an accompaniment to caviar, smoked seafood, pureed soups or desserts. In addition, Crème Fraîche can be used in sauces, salad dressings, gratins, ice cream and cooked caramel sauce; it can even be whipped, like cream. Crème Fraîche is incredibly forgiving and is often used to thicken pan sauces and creamy vegetable dishes.

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