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Apple - Arkansas Black

Apple - Arkansas Black


Deep red apple with somewhat waxy skin, dense golden flesh and a  intense aromatic, sweet/tart flavor that is best for cooking and cider. Its texture is very crisp but softens with storage.

Pack size: 40# case only

seasonal availability

Mid-fall to early winter.


Best for cooking, juicing, making into cider or sauce. Also great for drying. Also best when stored for a month or so after harvest as it will soften up.


The Arkansas Black apple is believed to have originated in the 1870’s from a Winesap seedling in an orchard owned by Mr. Brathwaite in Benton County, Arkansas. Arkansas Black apples and the apple industry in general thrived in this region until the 1930’s when a combination of a moth infestation, drought and the onset of the great depression nearly took out the commercial apple industry in Arkansas. Today Arkansas Black apples are grown in apple growing regions throughout the United States such as California, Washington, Oregon, Ohio and of course Arkansas.


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