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Apple - Braeburn

Apple - Braeburn


The perfectly balanced sweetness and refreshing crisp flesh of a Braeburn makes it the perfect dessert apple. It is not overly sugary with flavors that are complex and juicy. It is best when cooled slightly below room temperature.

pack size

88ct case only

seasonal availability

One of the more late harvest apples; usually not picked until October. Available fall through spring with local availability peaking in the fall months.


Great for eating out hand and makes an excellent dessert apple; great for baking with.


The Braeburn Apple originated in New Zealand in the 1950s and was named after Braeburn Orchards where it was first grown. It has now spread to all the major apple producing areas of the world. Today, in the largest apple-producing state in the USA, Washington, where Red Delicious and Golden Delicious have always held sway, the Braeburn is now in the top 5 varieties produced.

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