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Cavendish Banana

Cavendish Banana


Cavendish bananas are soft with a creamy texture, when fully ripe. Color ranges from green to brown depending on ripeness. They are sweetest when brown spots begin to appear on its thin, golden skin.

Bananas should be stored at room temperature. Putting bananas in a brown paper bag will help quicken the ripening process.

Pack Size

*Please specify degree of desired ripeness when ordering*

Green 1/2 Case (20#)
Green Tip-40#
Green Tip-1/2 Case
Green Tip-Pound
Green Tip-Each
Ripe-1/2 Case (20#)
Petite Green Tip-40#
Petite Ripe-40#
Over-Ripe- 40#


Good for eating out of hand, caramelized, fried and sautéed.


Bananas are the most popular fruit in North America. Over the years, the Glos Michel has disappeared from the market place and given way to the Cavendish variety. The Cavendish is less susceptible to disease and insects and less vulnerable to wind. However, this thin skinned banana is also prone to bruising. 

All bananas are shipped grass-green and must be ripened at room temperature.

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