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Plantain Banana

Plantain Banana


Plantains are usually larger and thicker than the more common Cavendish banana variety with distinct, tapered ends. The dense flesh is pink to pale yellow with a sticky texture. The tough peel turns black when ripe, but can be cooked at any stage of ripeness. They are starchier than regular bananas and get sweeter as they ripen.

Pack Size

**Please specify degree of desired ripeness when ordering (green, yellow, or brown)**

40# case
Per pound


Even though plantains can be eaten raw, most are prepared in the same manner as potatoes: peeled, cut, boiled, steamed, mashed or fried. In super-ripe black plantains, the starch has turned to sugar, making them a perfect ingredient for desserts.


Native to the tropics, the plantain is a botanical berry. Rather hardy, the plant may produce fruit for up to fifty years depending on its tropical location. In the United States, Hawaii is a major producer. Often labeled "platanos", plantain bananas are now available in many supermarkets.

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