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Bean - Cranberry

Bean - Cranberry


Cranberry beans have a brilliant red-pink pod with large bi-colored beans. They have a creamy texture and clean earthy flavor. In Italian recipes, dried cranberry beans are referred to as Borloti beans.


Cranberry beans make excellent additions to soups, summer salads, appetizers, and vegetable side dishes such as ragouts, gratins and purees. They pair well with poultry, lamb, shrimp, fish and pork. Unlike their dried counterparts, there is no need to soak them before using. Most fresh shelling beans require 20 to 30 minutes to cook, so add them to recipes accordingly.


Shelling beans, unlike most produce, should be just a bit dried out when you buy them. If they are too green and too fresh, the beans inside aren't mature enough. Look for pods that, while starting to dry a bit, look freshly picked with a fresh, green stem end. As with most produce, chose shelling beans that feel heavy for their size. Bumpy pods with plump, fat beans inside are the ones to chose and will be the easiest to rip or pull open; the beans should pop right out.

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