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Bean - Speckled Butter

Bean - Speckled Butter


Speckled Butter Beans are a staple in Southern cuisine and a cousin to Lima beans. Shades of crimson and pale green "speckle" the large, creamy white bean. They are creamy in texture, rich and buttery in flavor. They pair well with smoked ham hocks in soups or any Southern inspired vegetable side dish. Speckled Butter Beans are also widely used in Italian cuisine.


Speckled butter beans are a dinner staple throughout the southern United States. The creamier, nuttier cousin of the much lamented lima bean, they are the perfect match for a piping hot pan of corn bread and a steaming bowl of rice.


Shelling beans, unlike most produce, should be just a bit dried out when you buy them. Too green and too fresh and the beans inside aren't mature enough. Look for pods that while starting to dry a bit look freshly picked with a fresh and green stem end. As with most produce, chose shelling beans that feel heavy for their size. Bumpy pods with plump, fat beans inside are the ones to chose and will be the easiest to rip or pull open and then pop the beans out.

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