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Coraline Chicory

Coraline Chicory


Coraline chicory (pronounced ‘cora-leen’) is a brand-new variety of chicory that is related to Dandelion, Endive and Radicchio. Coraline chicory is only grown in one place, Rio Vista, CA, about 50 miles south of Sacramento. The new variety began production at the end of 2016 and is currently being served in many restaurants in Sacramento and the Bay Area

Coraline Chicory is a curly chicory variety that looks like a cross between frisee and endive. The narrow, pale yellow stalks are tightly bound around a central stalk, shaped like a small head of romaine. At the end of the long stalks, the leaves are branched with fringed tips. The texture of Coraline chicory is crisp and the flavor is slightly bitter and nutty with a sweet taste. 

Endive is grown in a 2-stage process– first in the light, then in the dark. Chicory seeds are sown in the spring producing a root the size of a large carrot by fall. Those roots are harvested from the field and then placed in dark, humid, “forcing” rooms to produce endives. Yes, endive is actually the second growth of a chicory root!

Pack size: 3 pound case only.


Coraline add beautiful texture and flavor to raw salads and crudite platters. It can also be grilled, roasted and braised to be served as a vegetable component to pork, poultry, & seafood.


While California Endive Farms is now America’s largest grower of endive, the company started from very humble beginnings as the brainchild of founder Rich Collins. The seed for the idea was planted in 1978 while Rich worked as a dishwasher in a French restaurant in Sacramento, California. After a trip to Europe to learn hands-on about growing techniques, California Endive Company was born in 1983. The farm is now located in Rio Vista along the Sacramento Delta and grows endive year-round. California Endive Farm is the only grower of endive in the state.

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