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Flowering Wasabi Arugula - Produce Alive

Flowering Wasabi Arugula - Produce Alive


Less peppery, yet spicier, than conventional arugula with an almost sweet finish. 

Pack size:  1/2# bag


Flowering Wasabi Arugula makes a delicious addition to any salad, poke bowl, pizza, or sandwich, or try blending into sauces.


We are proud to offer a local, hydroponically grown Flowering Wasabi Arugula from Produce Alive n Loomis, CA (Placer County). Growing 100% hydroponically allows Erik to control the environment and guarantee consistency even with poor weather. He is able to grow year round in his 4,100 square foot green house, and he uses 90% less water than traditional growing methods. Hydroponic Watercress is a live product that continues to grow in the bag after harvesting. We are delighted to now offer this great Placer Grown product!

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