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Grapes - Champagne aka Zante Currants

Grapes - Champagne aka Zante Currants


Champagne grapes are the small, seedless grape variety, Black Corinth. When eaten fresh, they are known as a table grape. In dried form the champagne grape is transformed into a raisin, in which they are known as the Zante currant. When the berries are fresh, at their peak maturity, they are intensely sweet and succulent with a mere hint of tartness. Regardless of what the name may imply, Champagne grapes are rarely used to make wine.


Champagne Grapes work well as an accompaniment to poultry, pork dishes and cheese plates. Highly decorative, Champagne Grapes are popular as a dessert fruit and garnish. Small bunches of these miniature currant grapes can be used as a cocktail or beverage garnish.

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