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The kiwi is a small oblong fruit with thin brownish fuzzy skin covering emerald green flesh that is dotted with tiny edible black seeds. The flavor is like a combination of strawberries and melon and somewhat tart. Except for the seeds, the texture is soft and creamy. The skin is edible, but not appealing to everyone. They are also known as Chinese gooseberry and monkey peach and often referred to as kiwifruit.


Kiwis are primarily used as a fresh fruit and can be eaten alone as well as added to fruit salads and compotes. For several years now they have been used as a frequent component of mixed fruit tarts, used for sorbets and can be pureed and combined with orange juice and sparkling water/wine for spritzers.


Native to China, Kiwis are widely cultivated in Australia and New Zealand (where natives are often referred to as kiwis) and are prolifically grown in Northern California in Yuba and Sutter counties.

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