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Mandarin - Satsuma

Mandarin - Satsuma


Mandarins are mostly seedless and have loose and sometimes puffy orange skin that is very easy to peel.  They have a rich, tart-sweet flavor.


Mandarins have many uses.  Freshly squeezed juice can be added to cocktails or mixed with other citrus juice.  The segments make great additions to salads and compotes.  They also make brilliantly colored marmalades and candied peel.


Mandarins are native toChinaand the Satsuma variety was developed inJapansome 500 years ago. They were initially brought to the United States in the late 1800’s and were planted throughout the Gulf States from Florida to Texas.  They were first planted in Placer County around the same time.  There has always been some confusion with regard to the difference between mandarins and tangerines.  Botanically speaking, they are all mandarins.  Historically the fruit was brought from China to the Mediterranean are and the rest of Europe through the port of Tangiers and it is at this point that several varieties of mandarins became known as tangerines

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