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Melon - Savor Charentais

Melon - Savor Charentais


A classic French heirloom, Savor Charentais melons are said to be the finest melon in both taste and texture. Because of their small size, they are the perfect "breakfast for two" melon. They are also the most often melon served with prosciutto ham in Europe. These globe shaped fruits have either a smooth or a slightly netted gray-green rind with dark green, slightly furrowed sutures. They have an orange flesh and a luscious, flowery aroma. Popular in Europe, Charentais' are especially prized in France for their rich, honeyed finish.


Use in salads, granita, as an appetizer with paper thin sliced prosciutto or other cured meats, chilled soups, agua fresca, ice creams, smoothies and cocktails.( Champagne, Cognac, Cointreu, Grand Marnier, Kirsch, Midori, Port, Rum, Sake, Sambuca, Tequilla, sweet white wines)


The ancient cradle of melon cultivation is the Middle East, where melons have been growing for thousands of years from Egypt to India, but they grow well in any temperate area that has a growing season long and hot enough. Melons were imported to the western hemisphere by Columbus on his second voyage. Their cultivation spread quickly from the Caribbean as far north as New England. Today most melons consumed in the US are produced in California.

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