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Orange, Navel

Orange, Navel


The navel orange is a ubiquitous orange variety; its thick, deep-colored, smooth but pebbled rind is easy to peel with crisp, juicy segments that separate easily. Navel oranges are virtually seedless, richly flavored and well balanced with just the right amount of sugar and acid. The navel, of the navel orange, is actually a small secondary fruit that grows in the blossom end of the primary fruit.

Pack Size

56 count Case
72 count Case
88 count Case Xtra Fancy
138 count Case
1/2 Case


Desserts, compotes, granita, salads, vinaigrettes, marinades, cocktails and beverages, orange peel flavors soups, stews, and braises.

Excellent for juicing, but use immediately, a chemical compound (limonene) makes the juice bitter in a short amount of time.


While other fruit trees are dormant at this time of year, citrus trees are flush with a wide variety of fruit. Equally important is price as most oranges, lemons and specialty citrus are at their lowest price at this point of the season.

Known in Portugal and Spain in the 17th century, as pregnant oranges.

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