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Ronde de Nice Squash

Ronde de Nice Squash


Appearing in varying shades of green, often called round zucchini, globe squash or 'Eight Ball' due to its distinctive shape, this French heirloom "summer pumpkin" is extremely dense and heavy, smooth textured and near seedless.


Fewer internal seeds results in a sturdy squash perfect for sauté or grilling but you can also slice and layer with other summer vegetables and bake into a gratin, saute quickly with garlic and fresh herbs for a simple preparation, pickle or serve raw in green salads, serve fresh, very thinly sliced, topped with fresh cheese and herbs and add sliced squash to pizza and flatbread.


Summer squashes vary in size, shape and color and have several characteristics in common: tender flesh and skin, making them easy to use for cooking purposes; mild, nutty or buttery flavor; high moisture content; a lack of mature seeds; and extreme perishability. The skin of a summer squash should be tender enough to be pierced easily with a fingernail-because the skins of summer squashes are so tender, a few surface scratches are almost unavoidable. Summer squash should be bright with color and heavy for their size; avoid the larger sizes, as they tend to be both watery and seedy. Due to the nature of today's market, the more common varieties of summer squash, zucchini and yellow crookneck, are available year round.

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