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Onions, Spring

Onions, Spring


Spring onion means a fresh onion of any type — yellow, white, or red — that has started to form a bulb but is not fully mature. The ends of these new onions tend to look like small lightbulbs. Spring onions vary in size and shape, though, depending how long they are left to grow. They can be just thicker than a scallion or nearly softball-size. They come bunched with their usable green stalks. Spring onions possess the same sweet/savory yin and yang that dry yellow and red onions do, but with the balance weighted towards sweetness. They are crisp and juicy like an apple, and while not as sweet, they can come surprisingly close. With little sulfuric pungency, mild spring onions are perfect for people who hate raw onions.

Pack Size

10# Case


Because of their mild subtle flavor, you can treat spring onions like a vegetable and not a seasoning. Use raw in salads, pastas, pizzas, braises, soups, and stews. Spring onions are excellent as a grilled, sautéed, or roasted vegetable component.


Since onions require cool, damp weather at the beginning of their growing season, the end of summer often means the end of the onion harvest. Throughout fall and early winter we use the firmer, dry-skinned onions coming out of storage.

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