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Early Bird Farms

We are proud to offer stone-milled flours and white corn polenta from Early Bird Farms, located in Nevada City. Produce Express previously offered flour varieties from Grass Valley Grains until it was sold to Drew Speroni, one of their long-time employees and their principal miller. Drew founded Early Bird Farm in 2014 and has been growing a variety of produce and milling grains ever since.

Early Bird Farm mills several varieties of grains which are organically grown using non-GMO seeds at Pleasant Grove Farm in Wheatland. The grains are then transported to Nevada City to be milled. Early Bird Farm flours differ in flavor and texture from conventional all-purpose and unbleached flours. Keep in mind that using these grains will likely require experimenting with and adjusting recipes as they are not straight substitutes in regards to quantity.

Alpowa Soft White Wheat Flour

A fine white wheat flour.

Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour

This wheat is the premier modern bread wheat in California. 

Pancake/Waffle Mix

Made from 100% hard red spring wheat flour.

White Corn Polenta

Ground from organic corn, this flour may be used to make traditional polenta or the hominy grits.