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Honey - Local

We offer a variety of local honeys from Z Specialty Foods that are perfect for baking and make great additions to cheese boards, tea service and more! Z Specialty Foods is family owned and operated by the Zeldner family, who have been producing honey in Woodland, CA since 1979. Their natural honey is minimally processed, unheated, and unpasteurized, keeping the color, flavor, aroma, and healthy enzymes intact. Z Specialty's honey is minimally warmed, and strained; just enough to make sure there's no dirt or bee parts floating in your beautiful jar! All of their products are certified Kosher. Each honey is specific to a single floral source and geographic location contributing to their unique flavors, colors, and aromas.

We also offer honey and honeycomb from Del Rio Botanicals in West Sacramento that is available seasonally.

Local Z Specialty Honey Varieties

Local Z Specialty Honey Varieties

Locally cultivated honey from Z Specialty Foods in Woodland, CA is perfect for baking and makes a great addition to cheese boards, tea service and more.