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Purees, Concentrates and Beverage Mixers

Founded in California in 1989, the Perfect Puree of Napa Valley manufactures and sells a complete line of all natural fruit purees and concentrates to foodservice establishments across the country. The fruit purees are used in healthy beverages and cocktails, ice creams and sorbets, cakes and custards, glazes, sauces, marinades. The fruit is sources primarily from growers in California as well as Canada and Mexico and the Caribbean for tropical flavors. Fresh fruit is washed, separating stems and leaves, and then graded. Machines extract seeds and other roughage, then pulp, strain and puree the fruit. Since fruit sugars vary from year to year, the fresh product is blended with sugar to balance sweetness. The puree then receives a 'quick heat treatment, or pasteurization to preserve flavor, color and texture. The puree is then cooled, packed and quick frozen to provide a 24 month shelf life. When thawed and refrigerated, the shelf life is 7-10 days. The purees contain no artificial preservatives, gums or coloring and are certified Kosher.

Produce Express offers a complete line of fruit purees from Perfect Puree, all available in 30 oz. plastic containers.