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Calrose Rice - Pure Rice First

Calrose Rice - Pure Rice First


Calrose Rice is a pearly-white rice known for its sticky texture. Its naturally soft starchy structure holds flavor beautifully while maintaining texture and form. 

We offer a medium grain Calrose rice– please specify “Medium Grain Local White Rice” when placing your order.

Pack Size: 50# bag


Calrose rice works well as a sushi rice, used for paella, or enjoyed as a standalone table rice.


Calrose rice accounts for more than 80% of the California crop, with California being the second largest rice growing state in the United States. Much of the California rice crop is grown in Sacramento, Yolo, and Placer counties. We are pleased to offer Calrose Rice that is locally grown by Pure Rice First located in Lincoln, CA. Pure Rice First is currently owned and operated by Virgina Van Dyke, whose family has been farming rice in Lincoln for five generations (since 1940). They take great pride in providing premium product to their local community and preserving local farm land.

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