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  • Firm Tofu- Made daily by hand, this tofu is made with a higher-protein, extra creamy soymilk. Using richer soy milk allows for a more complex and flavorful tofu. Labled as firm but could be considered extra-firm. In stock by the 10oz package, 6/10oz case, 5# block, or 20# bulk case.

Special Order Items

  • Medium Tofu-  Made daily in small batches, its texture is soft, creamy, and "cloud-like".  Although it is softer, this tofu will keep its shape when added to stir fries or when grilled. Pre-order only, 15# case (20/12oz)
  • Tofu Veggie Burgers-  Flavorful, juicy, with a meat-like texture. Tofu patties combined with a mirepoix mix of carrots, onions, and cabbage. Free of soy protein isolates and fillers. Pre-order only, 6# case.
  • Tofu Puffs- Tofu nuggets that are twice fried to create puffs with a unique, chewy texture. A great canvas for any flavor and incorporated into soups, curries, or stir fries. Pre-order only, 5# case.
  • Braised Tofu- Tofu that has been poached in a light Chinese Five Spice Blend. This braised tofu has a smooth texture and can be sliced, cubed, or thinly sliced for salads or stir fries. Pre-order only, 5# case. 
  • Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets- Fried then braised in a lemongrass curry. These tofu nuggets are juicy, slighty spicy, and have a chewy texture. Pre-order only, 5# case.
  • Soy Milk- Simple and pure, made from only soybeans and water, absolutely no additives. Pre-order only, by the gallon.

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